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If you're a Collision Repair center looking for a quality vendor, look no further. Our trained and experienced technicians can diagnose, repair, and correct vehicle computer systems by utilizing our specialized equipment. Our services can be brought to you with ease and efficiency.


Here at Elite we are trained in many areas of auto repair, but we specialize in the following:

  • ADAS - Advanced Drivers Assistance Systems: Blind Spots, Adaptive Cruise Control, Cross Traffic, Autonomous Braking and Forward Collisions to Name a few. 
  • OEM Scan Tool: Full Diagnostics, Program, Update and Configure all New Modules/Control Units that are Replaced, Pre & Post Diagnostic Scans With the Ability to Reset all Warning Lights.
  • 1234YF HVAC: ‚ÄčElite Provides Complete 1234YF HVAC Capabilities. 
  • Mechanical: Dash, Engine, Frame, Sub-Frame, Suspension R&R or R&I.
  • Diagnostics: Not Just Electrical, We do it All Whether it's Wreck Related or Not.
  • Supplemental Restraint Systems: All Air Bag Replacements, Dash Bags, Curtain Bags, Seat Bags, Belts, Buckles, and Modules. 
  • Electrical: Harness Repair/Replacement, and Connector Replacement.
  • Dash Lights: Check Engine, Air Bag, SRS, TPMS, Tire Pressure, ABS, Traction Control, or Any Light on The Dash.

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